The primary goal of our curriculum is to educate the whole child, engaging their heads, hands and hearts.  Each child has a unique learning style that we strive to accommodate in a manner that is developmentally appropriate and that keeps the excitement and wonder of learning alive.  We want each child to learn easily, enjoyably and successfully.  Our classroom provides hands on materials as well as access to written information and many ways for children to practice skills.  We provide teacher directed activities and lessons as well as child directed activities.  We feel that it is important for children to learn not only from adults but from their peers as well, this not only benefits them academically but encourages a strong sense of community within the classroom. 

The children are introduced to math concepts and experiences using web-based IXL software and concrete materials in the environment. This strategy allows isolated concepts to build upon one another and to develop and expand the child’s mathematical understanding and experience. With IXL students can take on challenges that help them master the skills necessary to perform up to State of Maine standards. There are over 2000 topics and unlimited practice problems. The reports section lets our teachers and parents monitor each students progress. Each enrolled student at Stillwater receives complementary access to our IXL account which can be done here at school AND at home, any time, year round. Check it out at

The children are introduced to many different topics throughout the school year.  As often as possible materials are from the natural world and allow the children to explore, observe and learn about science using a hands on approach.  We are working towards a better understanding of the world around us and all the wonders that it holds.

Language Arts

The children are encouraged to build upon their listening and understanding skills and then move on to hearing and analyzing the sounds and meaning of language.  We encourage these skills through storytelling, reading, dramatic play, drawing, and writing.  Also in this area the children develop a love of literature, strong communication skills and a way to express their own creative and artistic skills. Children who have reached an independent reading stage will be presented with age and skill appropriate materials that encourage an increase in vocabulary and comprehension as well composition.

Geography & Cultural Studies

We start with an introduction to the globe and what it represents and then gradually move towards an understanding of where we live.  Throughout the school year the children will learn about each continent and have the opportunity to learn about different cultures along the way.  The materials are hands on items that are from or represent the different cultures as well as books and teacher directed lessons.  Along with the globe and cultural studies we introduce different land forms (i.e. islands and lakes). 

Music & The Arts

The children are introduced to music and the arts through many different mediums including visual, listening, touching and doing.  We study different artists, composers, dancers and their styles and works as well as a variety of styles of music, art and dance.  Also in this area we encourage creative and artistic expression, which fosters a sense of personal accomplishment and confidence in the children. 

Physical Education

The children are provided physical education through both play and structured activities.  We provide a safe and age appropriate play area for the children throughout the year and they are outside a minimum of 30 minutes per day, weather permitting.  The children are also given the opportunity for more structured activities such as; snowshoeing, hiking, group games, yoga and dance.  On days when the weather makes the outside inaccessible we provide a minimum of 30 minutes per day of gross motor activities inside.





Parent-Teacher Conferences
Part of our curriculum involves open dialog and direct feedback about the progress your child is making here at school. Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled twice per year. This is is great opportunity to meet privately with our teachers, receive updates on progress, and to help set goals for the future. 

Sign up sheets appear on the bulletin board by the door in November and May. Please take part in your child's education and take advantage of this opportunity!

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